• Collaborated R&D Projects
    DCIS in collaboration with different setups of PAEC has developed
    • PAEC Hospital Islamabad

      Information system
    • Multan Institute of Nuclear Medicine & Radiotherapy (MINAR)

      Software system for diagnosing fatty liver images
    • Karachi Institute of Power Engineering (KINPOE)

      Examination and registration system
    • Surveillance and Target Unmanned Aircraft (SATUMA)

      Development of a target tracking and position estimation system for a UAV
    • Bahawalpur Institute of Nuclear Medicine & Oncology (BINO)

      Development of a comprehensive cancer patient management system
    • Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Oncology (INMOL)

      Information system specialized for cancer centers
    • System Engineering Services (SES)

      Welding defects detection in industrial radiography based digital images using segmentation techniques
    • Instrumentation Control and Computer Complex (ICCC)

      Iris based human identification system
    • Nuclear Medicine Oncology & Radiotherapy Institute (NORI)

      Estimating breast cancer risks using different classifiers