Labs and Resources

The students of this department will work in well-equipped laboratories in addition to using PIEAS central facilities. Some of the facilities available are:
  • Computer Center
    It is equipped with state of the art computer center with more than 200 PCs. This lab provides technical assistance round the clock and is available for students all the year 24x7. It is being provided with high speed internet connectivity and uninterrupted power supply.
  • Pattern Recognition Lab
    This lab provides services to the courses related to pattern recognition, water marking and machine learning techniques. This facility is also used by DCIS PhD scholars.
  • High Performance Computing (HPC) Lab
    This lab is equipped with SGI Altix 450 (mid range supercomputer) having 128GB RAM and 32 dual core processors. It contains work stations with Windows and Linux operating system connected to servers for distributed computing and parallel computation. It also includes cluster computing (20 nodes) and a high performance computer (HPC) to its resource list. The facility is primarily used for solving CPU intensive research and engineering problems.
  • Signal and Image Processing Lab
    This laboratory is established to meet the special software and hardware requirements for the courses related to signal and image processing. The lab is also used by final year students to carry out their project works including image and 3D data processing, computer vision, computer graphics, audio and video processing
  • Robotics Lab
    A humanoid arm robot, multilink fixed robot and soccer robots are available in this lab. These robots are developed indigenously at PIEAS. It serves the purpose of applications of computational intelligence, machine learning, automation, machine vision, path planning, object detection etc.